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  • For people who lend money to others
  • In-app Loan creator that works like a Bank
  • Create & manage all records in app
  • Auto-compute & Sync with Borrower 24x7
loan a friend

Manage your funds like a Pro

Select across 3 different types of Lending tools

How does this work?

If you lend money to friends or customers, this feature is meant for you !


Select Loan Type. For eg, if you have lend money to a friend you can select Friend Loan which is just a one time give & take back. For other types select between EMI or Gold loans


Enter your friend/customer name and few other details to set up the loan. App will auto-compute interest & Schedule for EMI/Gold loans


Sync your Loan simulaneously with your Friend/customer Both can track the loan simultaneously on app


Collect your money, send reminders, update records All of it conveniently managed on app

Sync my money given to friends, that's Cool

Our customers have never experienced such feature in any tool or app in the past. We are happy to create innovative products and listen to our customer needs

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