Credit Score Product

Key Terms & Conditions

Read following carefully

  • If you do not have any Credit history or recently availed Credit/Loan, you may not have any Credit Score and get a Nil Reporting
  • On Payment completion, you will be redirected to the Summary page with Credit score and records
  • You will receive a PDF copy of the report from our Partner on your Email id provided
  • Credit Score & Reporting data is updated by Credit Bureaus after a period of 30-60 days of your EMI payment
  • Credit Score and Report are in partnership with Experian Credit Bureau
  • Balance does not publish or prepare this Report and can not take responsibility of data correctness or validity
  • Summary and info provided under various sections of App are reproduction and computation of this Primary data provided by Experian

Payment Terms

  • Amount paid to Balance can not be refunded if you do not have a Credit Score or Nil reporting
  • Amount paid can not be adjusted against future reports
  • GST amount charged as per Govt of India tax rates
  • For Subscription plans, Report credits will be automatically added to your account
  • Report credits will be debited when you pull a Report