How to Manage Business Transactions & to manage own Accounts ledger on app

This article discusses about how to automatically manage your business transactions without manually entering in Business ledger book. App provides free Accounting ledger used for maintaining books of accounts.

If you have business income and expenses and you have wondered how to separate the transactions on the app, following are the simple tips to do the same.

in go to 'Money Manager' > 'All Transactions' tab

  • 1 .Click on the Review Check box under 'All Transactions' tab
business transaction 1
  • 2. Click on the Check box on left of each transaction to tag your business transaction
business transaction 2

The Labels(icons) at top are for tagging them for Personal Finance category. If you want to tag for Business Spends and Income, go to Business Finance module > Books > Transactions tab.

  • 3. Click on "Tag Business" at bottom of page
business transaction 3
  • 4. Select multiple transactions and Tag them as Business transactions
business transaction 4
  • 5. Your Business Finance transactions can now be transferred into Book (on home page check under Business Tools section, you will find 'Book' icon)
business transaction 5
  • 6. Check and Review Transactions again
business transaction 6
  • 7. Select one or multiple transactions to move to Book
business transaction 7
  • 8. Select Book to move it inside the Ledger Book
business transaction 8

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