Your Finance SuperApp

Track Your Spends

Manage all Spends & Earnings in App, for you to Understand your spend patterns monthly & Yearly

Split Bills

Conveniently Split bills with friends, Send alerts and keep a tab of All your common spends 24x7

Set Budgets & Goals

Set Monthly budget across 50+ categories, track & monitor achievements, improve your savings

Credit Management Tool

Get beyond Credit Scores, avail a Comprehensive financial health checkup & monitor constantly on app

Money Manager

Avail Credit

Your lifeline when you fall short of Cash, Get Advance to manage Bills & Payments

Bill Payments

Pay your Bills in one Place, Smartest AI powered to make it Convenient & Hasslefree

Rent Management

Automate Rental Collections, Generate Invoice, Receipts, send reminders on app

Manage Business, Send Invoices

Get Automated Accounting Book to capture transaction, Create Invoices & Manage business smartly on app

Pay. Track. Split. Automate Bills


All your Bill payment hassles taken care under one-roof

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